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February 26, 2023

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You're one of the very first people to use this platform, the first of its kind, connecting climate entrepreneurs with investors, corporate partners, service providers, enthusiasts and resources to help them scale quickly and create real impact sooner. Thanks for joining us, let's get stuck in.

So you've signed up, now what? Well, before you go zooming around the site we want to make sure you get off to the best possible start. So let's run through the essentials. First a quick check list:

  1. Complete your profile by adding a profile photo, cover image and other details.
  2. Add as many company profiles and insights (articles) as you like - the more the better.
  3. Invite your friends and colleagues - the more the platform grows the more value it offers for everyone!

Your member profile

The very first thing to do is complete your member profile. This represents the first impression you will make when being viewed by other members so it's worth spending some time on it.

We only ask that you upload a profile photo and a cover image, the rest is up to you, but the more comprehensive and complete your profile the better your and others' experience of the platform will be.

Update your profile by selecting Edit Profile from the user menu.

When you first register and login, you will be redirected to the Onboarding tab of your profile. Once you have uploaded a profile photo and cover image this tab will disappear. But, we would like you to add as much information as possible as this will increase your chances of being found by other members and also helps with indexing on search engines.

When editing your profile there are several sub-tabs, you should work through these and complete as much detail as you can. Note that on the main Profile, where your personal details live, we have indicated whether these details are public, hidden or visible only to other members.

You can also decide whether you want your profile to be indexed by search engines.

Play around with it and see what works best for you, and don’t worry - you won’t break anything!

Company profiles

You can create as many company profiles as you like and, as with member profiles, it's best to add as much detail as possible and complete all the fields to give the best user experience for all members.


How many can you add? You guessed it, as many as you like! Publishing an article is easy, simply click the Publish button in the menu bar (or select Content from the user menu) and away you go.

You can save your article as a draft at any time to come back to later (you’ll find it in Content off the user menu).

You can also link your article to a Company, and it will then appear on the Insights tab for that profile, as well as on yours and on the Insights page.

Profile tabs

A word about some of the less obvious tabs to explain what they’re for:


Found on Member profiles and Company profiles.

This is the default tab and gives an overview of the profile. When creating a profile make sure you add all relevant information.

If you are creating a profile for a Company that is not primarily a climate-related organization, this content should be relevant to their work in this area. For example, if you are a corporation that has a sustainability initiative, this is what you should include here.

The About tab is visible to the public and is indexed by search engines.


This is found on the Company profile and is where you will list your key employees. You can only add registered users, so each person will need to have an account. Once they’re signed up, go to the Company page, then the Edit tab, then the Team sub-tab.

When adding each employee, you designate whether they are C-suite, Management or regular team members.

This gives other members, as well as potential investors, an overview of your company structure and talent.

Teams are visible only to registered members.


Also found on the Company profile, this is where you enter your milestones. These can be in the past or future, and can be either a regular milestone or a financial projection or forecast. Once added, these can be edited so you can update your projections with actual figures and both numbers will show.

Again, this is aimed primarily at investors, who like to see an overview of performance over time.

Timelines are visible only to registered members.


Found on Member profiles and Company profiles.

Here you can upload any images you want to share.

Images are visible to all logged-in members.


Found on Member profiles and Company profiles.

Here you can upload any documents you want to share with selected members. The Documents tab is visible only to registered members, and they must request access to a file before they can open it.


You can message other members using the Message button on their profile. Email addresses are hidden for privacy purposes, but your email address will be revealed to the other person when they receive your message - if they choose to reply you will then see their email address and the conversation will continue via regular email.

Please be considerate when using this feature, if you receive excessive or abusive messages you can report the sender using the Report Profile button on their member profile.


If you need help with anything, we’re always here - just hit the Support button in the menu bar and you can send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can't beta bit of feedback

You are one of the lucky people to be using the first beta release of the platform, as such we welcome any feedback - just hit the Support button in the menu bar and send us your comments.

We read all feedback and we’re actively seeking to do whatever is needed to make this the platform our members want, so all feature requests are very welcome.

Of course, if you find any bugs, we need to know about them so we get them sorted before anyone else finds out!

Thank you

Thanks for reading, and for supporting our platform. We really hope you enjoy using the platform and that you get real value from it. If you do, we'd love to hear about it; if you don't then we really want to hear what we can do to change that.

Don't forget to invite your friends and colleagues to join (after you've finished setting up your profiles!)


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